Conducting business in today’s world has become increasingly more
difficult due to the dramatic rise in safety and security hazards. .
Risk assessment and analysis involves a methodological
investigation of an organization, its resources, personnel,
procedures, and objectives to determine points of weakness.

Profits, revenue, and bottom line results are what move companies
forward. However, it is imperative that a company has a clear
understanding of behavior and vulnerabilities which can leave it
blindsided by unforeseen circumstances.

Aegis International provides extensive threat assessment, risk
analysis capabilities. We identify areas of concern and assist in
implementing effective countermeasures. Allow us to work with you
to ensure prevention of corporate loss, compromise of physical
personnel, extortion, executive threats, computer security and
terrorism. Our input assists you in making educated decisions on
how to protect yourself and your property in a cost-effective manner.

                                   Investigative and Security Consulting Services