Richard H. Esau, Jr. is retired from two highly
successful careers:  first as a highly-decorated (seven awards for
valor) Colonel, United States Marine Corps, and then as an
accomplished executive in a major U.S. corporation.

In a distinguished military career, Colonel Esau served more than
20 years in diverse leadership roles, many of them concentrated on
security matters.  Early in his career, he oversaw the security of
various Marine Units in the U.S. and overseas, including the design
and management of the security of the battalion combat base at An
Hoa, Vietnam, which was under constant threat of attack..  Later in
his military service, stationed with the Pentagon Joint Staff as a
Marine Corps Action Officer, he was instrumental in developing
security and counterterrorism sections of the Joint Service Plans.  
Colonel Esau also served in the highly-coveted position of Assistant
Naval Attaché to Great, Britain, where, among other duties, he
supported the Commanding Officer of the London Marine Barracks
in developing security plans for the American Embassy in
Grosvenor Square.

Colonel Esau’s extensive security-related training includes
graduation from the US Army Chemical, Biological and Radiological
Warfare School in Fort McClellan, Alabama, with expertise in
atomic, biological and chemical defense. He also honed his expertise
in security at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, as well
as the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.  Putting
his training into action, Richard led atomic, biological and chemical
defense and ABC defense training for numerous Marine Units and
directed the security of special weapons aboard the USS Shangri-La
(CVA-38).  He also became a tactics instructor at the Basic School
(TBS), Quantico, Virginia, where he was instrumental in the
development of security operations/counter terrorism sections of the
FMFM3-1 (Command and Staff Action Manual).

Upon his retirement from the military, Richard entered the private
sector and became the Director of Corporate Training with the
Turner Corporation in New York, New York.  His leadership skills
and attention to detail resulted in a fast-track second career that
saw him promoted to Director of Corporate Personnel, and
eventually to the position of Vice President of Human Resources.  
While pursuing his corporate career, Richard remained faithful to
his beloved Marines, and served honorably as the National
Commander of Military Order of the Purple Heart.

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