James Davidson is a 30-year law enforcement
veteran whose experience spans a significant spectrum of public and
private engagements.

His career in public service began soon after his honorable
discharge from the U.S. Navy.  He advanced rapidly up through the
officer ranks, eventually becoming the Commander for the
Downtown District of the City of Cleveland.

While in public service, Mr. Davidson graduated from the Federal
Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy.   He successfully
completed Secret Service training in Executive and Dignitary
Protection, and attained certification from the Department of
Defense as a trainer in Weapons of Mass Destruction/Domestic
preparedness. He has received numerous awards and
commendations, and in March of 2002, was recognized by the U.S.
Department of Justice for his distinguished service.      

Upon his retirement from the police force, Mr. Davidson entered
the private sector and became Director of Government Relations
for International Total Services, a worldwide aviation security
company which, following the tragic events of 9/11, was the largest
provider (7000 employees) of airport passenger and luggage
screening.   During his tenure there, Mr. Davidson was responsible
for the implementation of all post 9/11 security procedures as
dictated by the Department of Homeland Security, at over 100
airports nationwide. He played a critical role in the successful and
seamless transition of those functions to the Federal government.

Mr. Davidson has a long history of security work in professional
sports.  He has worked in the National Football League as a Team
security agent for 13 years, responsible for site security and
executive and dignitary protection of players, staff, league officials
and VIP’s across the country.  In 1995, he accepted a position with
Major League Baseball, Office of the Commissioner, as a Resident
Security Agent. He was responsible for security at Major League
Baseball events, including, All-star, Championship and World Series
games. He provided executive dignitary protection to the
Commissioner, League presidents and team owners. He conducted
numerous security advances in Latin America, and in 1999, was
named MVP, for his commitment and dedication to Major League

                                    Investigative and Security Consulting Services