Our network of experienced professionals offers various
investigative services. We have the ability to conduct back-ground
inquiries, potential employee screenings, surveillance and electronic
monitoring of company properties, as well as discreet investigations
of sensitive issues. We are also able to gather, photograph and
process evidence in the event that the investigation leads to criminal
prosecution or a civil suit. Our investigators carry unmatched
credential, well honed street smarts, and creative problem solving
expertise. They have spent decades studying and working within the
legal system of the United States which enhances the possibility of a
successful conclusion to your company’s problems. The world
network of
Aegis International combines all the effective
resources necessary to gather the information you must have,
quickly, accurately, and discreetly.

Surveillance is frequently a beneficial tool for accomplishing
security-related goals. There are basically two areas of
surveillance; stationary and mobile.

Aegis International is prepared to assist you in evaluating your
security/surveillance needs and make appropriate recommendations
for surveillance equipment to include an extensive range of camera
systems and equipment including state-of-the-art covert cameras,
video recorders, wireless systems and multiplexers.

Surveillance is a powerful tool for investigations, asset protection
and in many cases personal protection.

Aegis International has the ability and experience to conduct
all phases of surveillance, and will provide you with effective and
professional results.

                                     Investigative and Security Consulting Services