In an ever expanding global economy, more and more companies are
pursuing business opportunities in the international arena. However,   
today’s social climate has brought about a change in the way that
business is conducted.  The primary responsibility of American
corporations doing business overseas should be the safety and
security of their employees and /or business assets. Terrorism,
kidnapping, ransom, extortion and violence aren't typically associated
with white collar business endeavors. But in reality, conducting
business in certain locations can be an extremely dangerous
proposition for corporate executives.

Aegis International provides a world class team of highly trained
professionals to address your executive protection needs. Our
associates have extensive military and law enforcement backgrounds,
and possess the knowledge and experience to provide a safe and
comfortable environment in potentially dangerous situations. We have
provided security in the political, and entertainment arenas as well as
for the NFL, NBA and MLB.

In addition, we will prepare travel advisories providing detailed
analysis and timely intelligence from around the world. The intention is
to heighten the employee's understanding of increased threat to U.S.
citizens and corporations operating abroad, Secondly to educate
corporations on the techniques and information available. Finally, it is
also to provide a source from which corporations can seek effective,
professional solutions to security.

The success of protecting these assets depends greatly upon the
understanding of the threats faced, the likelihood of the threat
becoming a reality and the possibility of you or your company
becoming the target of the threat.

                                  Investigative and Security Consulting Services