The most effective security plans are comprehensive and address the
vulnerabilities that are the highest risk. It is also very important to
define a balance between appropriate, well thought out security
measures and convenience for the client. Our company has extensive
experience providing security for leading companies including those
with government contracts involving national security matters. Our
staff is trained to implement a subtle yet effective presence for the
individual or corporation.  Our goal is to develop a secure environment
in a professional, non-invasive manner.

Our professionals have experience maintaining the safety and security
of large groups. Each individual has training in first aid and emergency
medical procedures.  We are trained to look for problems that are
created by personnel or mechanical failure. This training and
experience makes us an asset to your stockholders.
Additionally we possess the ability to:

   Cover small meetings of company executives

   Provide personal protection and transportation

   Conduct electronic sweeps of conference and hotel rooms
   To combat corporate espionage or sabotage

   Give security lectures tailored to your specific concerns

The world has become a complex and dangerous environment for many
corporate individuals when wealth, position, or power enters the
picture. The best and most effective security is normally very low-key
and not readily evident. Although, there may be some occasions where,
a show of force, or demonstrable security precautions are an effective

Effective VIP protection requires sufficient research and analysis of
your threat environment in order to identify possible threats against
you and your family. All threats should be taken seriously and carefully
analyzed for potential motives, methods of attack, weapons and other
pertinent facts related to the situation.

With appropriate planning and preparation, intelligent decisions
regarding your security can be established and implemented. Aegis
International has years of experience in protecting families and
individuals that may be exposed to threatening situations. We are
prepared to assist you in identifying your risks, threats and
vulnerabilities. We will then provide you with professional protective
security, and in most cases, we are prepared to assist you in defining
methods and technologies designed to provide you the ability to better
protect yourself.

                                   Investigative and Security Consulting Services