In our rapidly changing world threats can develop quickly. All too often
overwhelming situations occur due to the failure of crisis planning.

Every possible situation needs to be "what if-ed" and appropriate
measures applied to the management of that potential situation.

•        Workplace violence situations
•        Armed intruders
•        Bomb threats/bomb incidents
•        Fire emergencies
•        Medical emergencies
•        Structural or industrial emergencies

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning
The key to any effective Disaster Recovery Plan is the establishment
of a series of procedures designed to restore normal operations
following a disaster – with maximum speed and minimal impact on
operations. As in any proactive security program, disaster recovery
planning begins with preventive measures and tests to detect
vulnerabilities that may eventually lead to significant problems.

Aegis International will build comprehensive plans for your
company providing, essential information and materials necessary for
appropriate emergency action. The plans include both information
technology and physical operation recovery.

The most important facet of a successful disaster recovery plan is   
commitment of top-level management and the entire organization.
Aegis International will help you establish planned procedures
designed to eliminate unnecessary decision making immediately
following the disaster.

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